Thursday, August 18, 2016


(Originally posted on CoM on July 29, 2016)

American politics have long resembled pig wrestling. Our primary process in Presidential elections serves to grind most, if not all, of the integrity out of the participating candidates, with the bright lights of 24-hour commercialized news channels and the lenses of innumerable smartphones constantly shining on them. It's a race to tear down each other in marketable ways and see how many times you can change positions depending on which bloc of the base you need to arouse. With the WWE-quality entrance of Donald Trump into the picture, it's become something entirely different, however.

Northern Aggressions and Southern Obsessions

(Originally posted on CoM in June 2015)

What happened in Charleston a few days ago was horrible. Worse than horrible. An obviously troubled young man, brimming with racial hatred, believing his own superior race to be infringed upon by what he viewed as a lesser race (through the lens of some god-awful stereotypes), gunning down nine innocent, infinitely valuable, beautiful people who had gathered at their church building for a study. The saddest thing I've heard in the aftermath - and at the same time, the most beautiful thing - is the survivors, and even the shooter, speaking to how warmly he, as a stranger, had been welcomed into their midst. Although not enough to ultimately overcome the heinous act he would go on to commit, this welcoming obviously caused some intense cognitive dissonance within the murderer, given the truth of what he was experiencing firsthand compared to the ugly, false truth that had been created and instilled within him.


(Originally posted on CoM in August 2012)

Several people have asked for my thoughts on last week's "Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day", so I'm emerging from my summer hibernation to write a few words about it.

The Election

(Originally posted on CoM in August 2012)

I don't mean Calvinism vs. Arminianism. I mean that Tuesday in November every four years where grossly ill and uninformed, emotionally-driven people (on all sides of the spectrum) go to the polls to elect a President.

To My Politically-Charged Readers

(Originally posted on CoM in January 2013)

[Over the last few weeks and months, really going as far back as last spring with the marriage amendment issues, I've received some very passionate emails regarding political issues, as well as witnessed and engaged in some heated social media discussions (not to mention the real world stuff), from people who claim Christianity - and frankly would be fighting mad if you questioned their Christianity. The following isn't aimed at any single person, even if I've encountered many who fit every scenario within. It's a generic, yet serious, response to the entire animal of conservative cultural Christianity.]