Thursday, October 13, 2016


Obama's candidacy and Sarah Palin's ignorant rhetoric a few years ago began to bring some underlying ugliness out of something of a hibernation and started gradually oozing it toward the surface, often crossing the threshold. Trump's campaign has given that ugliness a voice and a champion.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Burn Baby Burn!

I don't care for Hillary Clinton. She's a poor candidate. She's bought, completely bought, like the majority of DC. It's telling that, given all of the amazingly disgusting and disturbing things Trump has said and done over the last 18 months, she's only up a dozen or so points AFTER a tape surfaces of him essentially bragging about his fame allowing him to sexually assault women without repercussion. A strong Democratic candidate would be up 20, maybe 25+ points right now. But I don't blame Hillary, or the Democratic party, for our impoverished choices this cycle.

This Blog, and Why Palin

You may read the posts on this blog and sense a level of bias. That's fine. Everyone has implicit bias, and I don't deny my own. But let's be clear - I'm not writing about conservatism and conservative/evangelical culture just to pick on it. I'm writing about it because I know it, inside and out, upside down, rightside up, and back and forth. I've spent most of my 47 years immersed in it. That's a lot of years, a lot of miles, a lot of experience. I'm not shooting from the hip or speaking through partisan bias. I'm writing from those years, those miles, that experience.